Flour Free Cakes

Bakeries abound throughout the world, and there are decidedly fewer bakeries that provide gluten free chocolate cakes to their clientele. Gateau O Chocolat bakes some of the best gluten free chocolate cakes in the world, and in St. Petersburg, FL we are the go-to bakery for those who are looking for chocolate cakes, and need a dessert for birthdays, holidays, or just looking for treats to celebrate momentous family occasions. The added benefit to our bakery is that you are not required to live in the Tampa Bay area in order to enjoy our gluten free chocolate cakes. Gateau O Chocolat is happy to take orders from potential customers over the phone and through our website, and will even more happily ship our cakes to you, so that you can enjoy them regardless of where you live, and when you need your cake to be available. This makes your cake experience far better than it otherwise might be, because you can have your gluten free cakes delivered to you straight away without having to worry about finding time to make it or pick it up.

Gluten free chocolate cake is every mother’s desire, as it means that she can enjoy her chocolate cake and take care of her family’s allergies at the same time. And when this chocolate cake comes from Gateau O Chocolat, it means that this mother will not have to worry about the quality of the cake, whether artificial ingredients have been added, or whether or not it is worth the expense to purchase it. With a time and quality tested set of recipes on hand that form the basis for our gluten free chocolate cakes, we have made this our niche and succeeded in providing outstanding products for the last number of decades. This can be tested through your own litmus test, when you order one of our cakes from our online cart, and see for yourself how rich and delicious your cake will be.